Workshop: The Artistic Business Mind

On June 25th, Divvi was invited to take part in The Art of/in Business. The AOIB was a 3 day event where we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and host a workshop for creatives called The Artistic Business Mind. Organized by Danica Samuel, the event took place in the beautiful Wework Toronto space and was sponsored by Freshbooks. The goal of our workshop was to provide tools to creatives to help them navigate as an artist with a business. We covered making yourself accessible, the importance of protecting yourself with contracts, how to charge your value, branding yourself and so much more.

The experience was extremely rewarding for us. Talking to other creatives in the community, sharing knowledge and helping people make the necessary changes to elevate themselves is something that we felt very privileged to do and would love to do again in the future.


Video and photography by WEMedia

Year | 2019

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